The Aldeburgh-Domburg No. 3 Cable

This was a 17 core continuously-loaded telephone cable manufactured by Felten and Guilleaume, of Köln-Mülheim, Germany, and laid by the cable ship Neptun (1). The Domburg end was landed during April 1926, whilst the Aldeburgh end was landed on the 5th May 1926.

The cable consisted of 4 groups of 4-wire cores, each spirally wound, together with one central single-conductor core. Each of the 17 conductors were continuously loaded by means of a uniform winding of special silicon iron, and was insulated with three layers of paper.

The conductors of the 4-wire groups consisted of solid, soft copper of 2.33 mm. (0.0917") diameter, and were wound with an iron loading wire of 0.2 mm. (0.0079") diameter; the conductor of the central core consisted of 7 copper wires, each 0.81 mm. (0.0319") diameter and was wound with an iron loading wire of 0.3 mm. (0.0118") diameter. The lengths of lay of the 4-wire groups were all different and varied from 350 mm. (13.8") to 420 mm. (16.5").

There were 2 lead sheaths, each 2mm. (0.079") thick, and the cable was manufactured in lengths of approximately 30 nautical miles without a join in these sheaths. The armouring consisted of 22 steel wires, each 5.8 mm. (0.228") diameter; the overall diameter of the cable was 55 mm. (2.17"), and its weight was approximately 19.8 tons per nautical mile. The length of the cable after laying was 85.736 nautical miles.

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