This website is devoted to three classic microprocessors which were developed in the 1970's, the RCA CDP1802 (1974), the MOS Technology 6502 (1975). and the Zilog Z80 (1976).

MOS Technology 6502

During the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 I thought that I would take advantage of the additional free time that I had and rekindle my interest in microcontrollers / microprocessors. I purchased an Arduino Uno R3 and began experimenting with controlling LEDs and relays, reading various sensors and generating morse code. My thoughts soon turned to trying AVR assembly language programming. This in turn started be thinking about the 6502 microprocessor machine code programming that I did with the Acorn Microcomputer kit (later known as the Acorn System 1) that I built in 1979 and the assembly language programming that I did on a college course in 1982 using a Tangerine (Microtan 65?) computer. I then thought can one still buy 6502 chips? Could I build a simple 6502 based computer? A quick web search revealed plenty of 6502 chips for sale on ebay and that WDC produce a modern version of the 6502.

Zilog Z80


Further information to be added soon.

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